Super Trip


Our Super Trip is a chance to get our Pack and their families out and do something even more unique and exciting than all the other things we do! There are so many opportunitties that are offered to groups, and to scouts, it's a great time to get out.

Have an idea for something Super? Let us know!

Some of our past Super Trips:

  •    2015 - LEGOLand Discovery Center
    A trip to Schaumburg, IL to visit the LEGOLand Discovery Center and spend the night.
  •    2014 - Milwaukee Public Museum
    A trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum to sleep with the exhibits.
  •    2013 - U.S.S. Cobia
    A trip to Manitowoc, WI to tour and spend the night on a WWII submarine.
  •    2012 - Sleepin with the Sharks
    A trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN and spending the night sleeping in the aquarium tunnels, watching the fish, turtles, and Sharks swim by
  •    2011 - Dozin' With the Dinos
    A trip down to The Field Museum in Chicago, IL and spending the night sleeping among the exhibits.


Here are some ideas we're bouncing around for this 2016:

  • Badger Sports Overnight Lock In - Appleton, WI
  • Green Bay trip (Bay Beach, Water Park, Lambeau Field overnight)
  • In state camping trip
  • Eagle Cave

We're always looking for a ideas for a new SuperTrip.
Think you have a good one?
Like one of the ones above?
Let us know!

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