Winter Campout


Got a little Cabin Fever? A little tired of being cold? Well, this won't solve that, but lets go camping at Boston School Forest!
Cabins for everyone! Obstacle Courses in the snow! Sledding! And lots of good, healthy fun!

Dish to Pass

Could each scout attending please bring the following items for one meal?

  • Tigers – Fruits (Example: a bunch of bananas)
  • Wolves – Desserts (Example: a plate of cookies)
  • Bears – Fruits (Example: a bag of oranges)
  • Webelos 1’s – Veggies (Example: a bag of mini carrots)
  • Webelos 2’s – Veggies (Example: a bowl of sliced peppers)


BSF has a small pond. The pond does not freeze solid. Boys must be supervised if they go near the pond or bridge. They must NOT go on the ice because aerators have left the ice thin and there is open water in the middle.

What to bring for the day

  • Boots
  • Snow Pants
  • Winter Coat
  • Sled
  • Hat & Gloves
  • extra Hat & Gloves
  • Warm Socks
  • extra Warm Socks


Any person staying overnight will have to fill out a health form. We will have copies there to fill out as well.

First Aid

Neil Simon and Kristyne Havitz will function as our on-site First Aid. Neil will be on site throughout the weekend, Kristyne will be available on Saturday. If there are any other parents attending the BSF campout certified in First Aid or CPR, please advise Neil Simon.

Women staying overnight

Women will be sleeping in the main lodge (Oelke Lodge). This is the main teaching lodge for BSF and is heated, has indoor toilets, and a kitchenette. It does not have any bunks. In addition to a sleeping bag and pillow, those staying will need to bring either an air mattress, cot or mattress roll/pad. You can put your sleeping bag directly on the carpeted floor but that can be a bit tough on your back.

Men staying overnight

Men will be sleeping in one of the cabins. Although all cabins have bunks and are heated, there are no bathroom facilities in any of the cabins.

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